How to make a face mask fit better


Everyone is unique and one size may not always fit all, so here are some useful tips to get the best fit from your face mask.

If your face mask feels loose you could add a hair grip/bobby pin to the ear loop and secure in your hair. Alternatively, you could put the face mask on and pinch the ear loops behind your ear, so it feels tight to get the correct measurement, then add a simple stitch to the ear loops to keep in place permanently.


If your face mask feels slightly tight you can try pulling the ear loops a few times to stretch the elastic. Alternatively, you can also try placing the ear loops over a jar or object and leave for a few minutes to stretch the elastic until it feels more comfortable for you.


If you feel you have a gap at the top of the mask, try inserting the removable nose wire and mould to the shape of your nose for a secure and personal fit.